Cab-air filtration

We are constantly surrounded by numerous fine particles and gases. The pollutants are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. The smaller the particles are, the more dangerous they are!

Overview of particles and gases

Health risks:

Near roads, you inhale up to 1000 dust particles in each of your 400 million alveoli every day. They can no longer be removed completely by normal defence mechanisms in den bronchia and in the lung's defence cells, and they penetrate the pulmonary tissue very deeply.


  • Susceptibility to "colds"
  • Impairment of lung growth and of the pulmonary function
  • Diseases involving respiratory organs (bronchitis, COPD)
  • Susceptibility to asthma
  • Higher risk of cardiovascular diseases (heart attack)
  • Higher risk of lung cancer
  • Increased mortality
  • New risks (Alzheimer's?)

RT Filtertechnik already provides highly effective air filter systems for fitting or retrofitting in the cab. In addition, RT provides a number of cab-air filtration test options. Complete driver cabs can be checked for their tightness, among other things.