Filter system mounting solution

The EC Type Approval 2003/37/EC with the extension 2010/52/EU prescribes a certified cab according to category 4 (EN 15695-1) for the application of herbicides. A certified driver cab with an appropriate filter system may replace the personal protective equipment (PPE) in the cab.

The mountable version is ideally suited for retrofitting the driver's cab. It can be connected upstream of the existing air-conditioning unit, for example. In the external version, the modular, non-interchangeable filter mount permits the flexible adjustment of the filtration capacity to suit the particular requirements. This allows different cab categories to be achieved simply by exchanging the filter cartridges. 

You can find more information on the various cab categories here.

Technical details:

  • Robust housing in plastic or metal design with high-performance fan
  • Air flow rate 30-120 m³/h
  • Possible overpressure in vehicle cab 25 Pa – 300 Pa
  • Power supply via 12 V or 24 V DC (~ 60W)
  • Readiness indicator with optional pressure monitoring of the filter elements
  • Differential pressure via filter elements from about 0.4 mbar (empty) to 10 mbar (saturated)
  • Multi-stage filter system:

    • Cyclone pre-separator (optional)
    • Coarse dust filter: G3 – G4
    • Fine dust  filter: F7 – F9
    • Suspended matter filter: e.g. H13
    • Gas filter / activated carbon


Design of a mounting solution

Example of a mounting situation