Filter system integration

Depending on the work environment, the accumulation of dust may range from extremely fine particles and gases (e.g. field sprayers) to an extremely high percentage of coarse dust (harvesting machines, combine harvesters, underground work). Therefore, air filters must be adapted in a modular manner to the environmental conditions for maximum performance, or they must be easy to extend.

The EC Type Approval 2003/37/EC with the extension 2010/52/EU prescribes a certified cab according to category 4 (EN 15695-1) for the application of herbicides. A certified driver cab with an appropriate filter system may replace the personal protective equipment (PPE) in the cab. 

The integratable filter system is specially designed for installation in the cab roof.

You can find more information here on the agricultural standard and the filter tests. 


Technical details:

  • Various different application variants available for electronics and fans
  • Standard configuration with single fan without controller
  • Power supply via loose cables
  • A single combination filter element according to category 4 (DIN EN 15695-2)