Application-specific filter development

For RT Filtertechnik, the provision of services is an efficiency principle. That is why we provide a comprehensive range of measurements and tests to all of our customers. One of these services is the support and supervision of our customers in the specific projects by means of field tests.

We briefly present the main topics below:

Overview of topics:

  • Analysis and start-up measurements
  • Definition and exception of flow rate profiles as the basis for common development in HLCT testing
  • Examinations & analysis of problems, such as "air in oil"
  • Oil examinations relating to conductivity (risk of electrostatic discharge)
  • Long-term projects implemented in cooperation ensure an optimum maintenance strategy on a long-term basis



Analysis and start-up measurements:

In the course of field test measurements, a wide range of different, specific measurement data can be recorded at mobile machines and examined. Acceptance or measurement points are applied at suitable points for this purpose and the various measurement sensors are connected.

The following figure gives an example of such a measurement setup with the corresponding measured values recorded:

Flow rate measurements during the operating cycle:

The flow rate profile can be recorded during different operating cycles and analysed:

Online oil quality measurement:

Installation of a particle counter FCU 8210 for the online particle measurement at a wheel loader:

"Air in oil" analyses:

Installation of an acrylic glass tube and various measurement equipment items for analysing the air separation capacity of a construction machine:

Oil analyses, conductivity:

Field measurements with mobile conductivity measuring device:

A low oil conductivity (< 500pS/m) can cause electrostatic discharge in the system.