For many years now, we have been involved in the topic of separating air in hydraulic systems and we primarily support the manufacturers of mobile machines already during the machine design phase to avoid this problem at an early stage.

To achieve the best possible degassing effect, it is essential to analyse every system in detail and individually for air ingress sources and a possible degassing approach.
RT Filtertechnik is glad to provide you with this service and can develop the most efficient system optimisation for your application. The procedure for this is usually as follows:

1.      Take optimisation measures

Check whether the air ingress source can be avoided (e.g. seal replacement)

2.      System analysis

Initial analysis of the system in terms of the separation of air (actual state)

3.      Take optimisation measures

Carry out tank, component and installation space optimisation, depending on the system

4.      Test optimisation measures

Test and evaluate the changes to the system and take any other measures, if required
5.      Implementation

Implement the validated measures at the machine
RT Filtertechnik provides a number of measuring instruments and sensors for checking and validating the air separation capacity of a system. More information is provided in the chapter: Measurement equipment & sensors.