Filter tank systems

Filter tank systems

In our many years of experience with air in oil, it has become clear that interaction between filter and tank plays a critical role in the system’s capacity to separate air.
The in-tank products for mobile work machines of RT Filtertechnik GmbH are generally equipped in such a way that the mechanical pre-separation of the air bubbles in the tank is promoted or takes place already due to the filter concept. Small air bubbles on the patent-protected inlet tube are forced physically to merge into bubbles that are as large as possible, which can be separated more easily.

In addition, due to the large outflow cross-section of the filter, the oil flows more slowly out of the filter and the air bubbles have more time to rise. The special filter design also causes the oil to flow out evenly and calmly, thus preventing new air from entering the liquid due to turbulence in the tank.

The optimum parameters for the flow rate and the flow characteristics that promote the degassing of the hydraulic system have been determined due to a targeted development. There are also solutions where inflow in the tank takes place directly from below, for which there is almost no deflection at the oil column, which is favourable for degassing processes.

The innovative hydraulic filters ensure a first-class air separation capacity. Efficiency losses, cavitation, oil ageing and control problems are thus significantly reduced. When these special filters are used, the tank can even be built much smaller and still meet the same requirements and the same air separation capacity.

The following diagram shows an example of a simulation in three versions. In the first case (1), a conventional filter is installed and the surface ripples significantly. In the case in the centre (2) with an optimised filter from RT, the surface is quite calm, however. Even in a smaller tank (3), the surface hardly moves. Actual measurements taken later on showed that the air separation is better even in the smaller tank than in the first case with a conventional filter.

Feel free to consult us about this topic and we will develop the best concept for your application.

These in-tank systems can naturally also be operated stationary hydraulic systems. However, we as a system supplier are able to offer an alternative that enables the degassing of your system at constant flow rate and relaxed installation space conditions, the RT bubble separator. The bubble separator product family operates according to the physical hydrocyclone principle and has an optimum operating point at constant flow rate. Tanks with a capacity of a few litres to several hundred litres can be managed reliably in the bypass flow.