Energy efficient filtration

We can boast many decades of experience with customers from the mobile industry and a broad data pool with possible filtration materials.

As RT Filtertechnik GmbH has equipped its test instruments in such a way that the requirements of a mobile hydraulic system can be simulated in the test facility, the filtration materials can be combined in an optimum manner and the production processes can be adapted directly to the customer's requirements.

We generally provide energy efficient filter materials or pairs for our complete product portfolio. The version can either be offered as an independently supported filter element with appropriately modified design or as non-independently supported filter element of the E-line. Depending on the desired frame construction, flow-optimised micro-glass fibre media, melt-blown materials or wet-laid glass fibre composite materials are available for selection. Our experience with customers of mobile hydraulic systems and machines also allow us to offer filter elements that are also resistant to permanent pulsation.
Compared to commercially available glass fibre structures, our energy efficient filter materials enable a much higher oil flow at the same pressure loss, or in the reverse case, a reduction of installation space at the same differential pressure. If materials are required due to dynamic applications with sufficient pulsation stiffness reserves, RT Filtertechnik GmbH has special production methods for increasing energy efficiency with the same filter element mat design.

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