Measurement equipment

Measurement equipment

RT Filtertechnik has a number of test benches and measuring instruments for determining the filter performance data and many other examinations relating to the filter:


Media development area

  • Determination of the flow characteristics of filter elements according to ISO 3968-81
  • Determination of the filter capacity of filter elements according to ISO 16889
  • Examination and participation in the optimisation of filter media and assemblies in terms of their processability during the process
  • Processing of customer requirements and requests


Test facility area

  • Determination of the collapse or burst pressure characteristics of a filter element according to ISO 2941-74
  • Determination of the flow fatigue properties of a filter element according to ISO 3724
  • Compatibility investigations with the pressure fluid for individual components, assemblies or non-woven materials
  • Determination of the pressure loss according to the flow rate (∆p-Q performance curve) of a bypass valve according to ISO 3968-81
  • Determination of the water content of fluids according to ISO standard 12937
  • Determination of the water absorption of a filter element - the procedure is not based on a standard, the test procedure is specified internally.
  • Creation of the tension/elongation diagram for individual components, assemblies, welded joints


Further examination:

  • Analysis of the causes of failures of individual assemblies or of the complete filter (handling of customer complaints)
  • Support in handling customer complaints
  • Custom-made test systems / test bench construction
  • Support in supervision of the test systems for series production and value retention measures at test benches of the test facility
  • Programming and application of software for the acquisition of measured data
  • Test analysis using mathematical methods
  • Statistical test evaluation