Inline filter

RT inline filters are filter systems adapted to requirements. Application parameters, such as pressure, flow rate, filtration rating and form ensure reliable operation and the highest quality. The direction of flow from the inside to the outside ensures ease of maintenance and the environmental soundness of the filters and enables the application of highly effective magnetic pre-filtration.

The filter works at temperatures from -30 to 100º C and can be equipped with an optional clogging indicator.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Application in hydraulic systems as full-flow filter, component protection, safety ultra fine filter
  • Individual design possible
  • Certain variants are also available as duplex filter
  • Application possible up to a flow rate of 1200 l/min
  • Assemblies for pressure stages up to 25, 120, 250 bar,
  • Keeping the pressure fluid clean with individually adjusted filtration ratings as of 5 µm(c)
  • Extended service life of the hydraulic components
  • Fast replacement of the filter elements without any re-soiling
  • Optional protection by visual and/or electrical clogging indicator
  • A bypass valve is available as an option for all types




data sheetspare parts
DMX 0400-1200E-DMXE-DMX-ET
DMP 0200-0700E-DMPE-DMP-ET
DSR 020-050 / DSK060



Application examples

Machine tool Fast and precise motions, controlled hydraulically at high pressure require oil filtered in the best possible manner. We recommend: RT inline filters for all setting ranges.

Paper machine

Test bench filter As regards test bench filters, RT can build on many years of experience with exceptional requirements, such as extreme temperatures or aggressive fluids. Therefore: give us new challenges

Fan guard

Valve block