Magnetic cores

Magnetic pre-filtration has the special advantage that very small and also very large ferromagnetic parts and also non-ferromagnetic parts are collected. Magnetic pre-filtration therefore not only protects against the accumulation of sludge, but also filters very coarse contaminants, such as welding beads, out of the hydraulic fluid. Magnetic pre-filtration spares the filter element effectively, thus increasing its service life significantly. At the same time, the flow of oil through the filter element from the inside to the outside ensures that no solid particles are flushed back into the hydraulic system during filter maintenance.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Indicator for contamination and wear
  • Separation of magnetisable and non-magnetisable particles of at least 0.1 µm in size
  • Increase in service life of the filter element



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Application examples: