Return line filters

A wide range of assemblies and the variants derived are characteristic for RT return line filters. This filter series is thus predestined for all filtration tasks in the field of return oil and leak oil. Return line filters are available in the classic version as tank-mounted filter with filter head, as RME tank installation filter and as RMT submersible version. What all these filters have in common is that their direction of flow is from the inside to the outside; that ensures ease of maintenance and the environmental soundness of the filter and provides the basis for the highly effective magnetic pre-filtration. In addition, the direction of flow provides  additional functions, such as flow guidance in the tank, the separation of air, thus generating a  potential reduction of the installation space. 

The filter works in a temperature range from -30 to 100º C and can be equipped with an optional clogging indicator.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Design of assemblies for a flow rate of up to 5,000 l/min
  • Individually adjustable filtration rating as of 5 µm(c)
  • Integrated offline filtration when RT combination filter elements are used
  • Extended service life of important and expensive hydraulic components
  • Fast replacement of the filter elements without any re-soiling
  • System reliability due to bypass valve equipped with an additional screen filter
  • Protection by visual and/or electrical clogging indicator
  • The RME tank installation filter ensures the most efficient filtration in a simple and low-cost manner by means of a manifold integrated in the tank
  • The RMT submersible version also ensures the stabilisation of the liquid and gas separation in extremely dynamic conditions



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RFT 0170-2400E-RFTE-RFT-SP
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RFB 0170-0600E-RFBE-RFB-SP
RKT 0170-1200E-RKTE-RKT-SP
RKB 0600-1200E-RKBE-RKB-SP



Application examples:

Mining excavators In cooperation with customers, RT-Filtertechnik has developed special filters for construction machines such as these mining excavators, which are able to filter several thousand litres per minute highly efficiently, with an above-average filter life.




Suction dredges Suction dredges are highly modern and extremely environmentally sound machines. They remove the earth in the most sensitive of areas quickly and efficiently. Using RT filters also guarantees high efficiency and environmentally sound maintenance for the hydraulics.



Mobile cranes Whether you are dealing with mobile cranes, stripping shovels, drilling systems or offshore construction machines used in rough conditions, powerful filters developed for specific machines are required. The RT service team for the common development of filtration solutions ensures the continuous satisfaction of our customers.