Suction return line filters

This special filter system is used for vehicles that trigger the transmission drive and drive movements hydraulically. Due to its design, it provides a pump guard for the hydrostatic transmission drive in the closed circuit with full return flow filtration. The direction of flow from the inside to the outside is characteristic; that enables simple maintenance and, naturally, highly efficient magnetic pre-filtration. 

The filter works in a temperature range from -30 to 100º C and can be equipped with an optional clogging indicator.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Optimum suction conditions in the feed pump circuit
  • No cold start problems, e.g. after long inactive periods and during winter operation
  • Integrated function of 2 filters in one housing
  • Can be used for flow rates of up to 600 l/min
  • Individually adjustable filtration rating as of 5 µm(c)
  • Boost pressure for the filling pump that can be adapted to the application, default value 0.5 bar
  • Innovative RT filter head with integrated bleed valve, designed for several suction ports
  • Several tank connections for different operating circuits
  • Integrated suction pipe and drain system for optimum hydraulic oil flow characteristics
  • The integrated anticavitation valve with optional protective screen prevents any damage caused by dry running
  • Installed bypass valve
  • Protection through visual and/or electrical clogging indicator



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Application examples

Construction machine These multi-functional construction machines represent one of the biggest challenges for manufacturers: they must always be fully operable without delay, regardless of the temperature. The RT suction return line filters specially for this area can naturally also cope with this task at the highest level.

In addition, several functions can be integrated in the suction return line filter and special customised solutions are possible.

Wood shredders High requirements are placed on mobile work machines in environmental technology. They need to work in an environmentally sound manner at high performance in poor operating conditions - at scrap yards, recycling collection stations or in the country. The RT filters also play an important role here as well.

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