Suction filter

The RT suction line filters are mounted upstream of the pump and ensure optimum operation of the hydraulic system. Due to the streamlined filter housing and generously designed filter areas, minimum pressure loss and the maximum absorption of dirt are achieved. As is normally the case with RT, the direction of flow is from the inside to the outside, thus enabling highly effective magnetic pre-filtration.  The RT suction line filters of all series are designed for installation in tanks. In addition to vertical alignment, a horizontal installation position is also possible, which is also suitable for heavy-duty suction pumps. The filter ensures the best flow conditions and clogging monitoring options. The filter works at temperatures from -30 to 100º C and can be equipped with an optional clogging indicator.

As pre-filters and coarse filters, suction line filters support the system filters connected downstream.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Designed for tank installation or tank mounting
  • Each model is available in vertical and horizontal alignment
  • Horizontal version with integrated inlet valve
  • Application up to a flow rate of 400 l/min
  • Keeping the pressure fluid clean with individually adjustable filtration ratings as of 10 µm nominal
  • Extended service life of the hydraulic components
  • Fast replacement of the filter elements
  • Protection via visual or electrical clogging indicator



data sheetspare parts
SPA 100-150E-SPA 100-150E-SPA 100-150 SP
SPA 180-250E-SPA 180-250E-SPA 180-250 SP


Application examples:

Anwendungsbeispiel Betonpumpe

application wheel loader
Anwendungsbeispiel Radlader