Air from oil

Air in hydraulic systems still represents a major technical challenge today. Free air in the oil results in the loss of efficiency, accelerated oil aging, cavitation and reduced filter capacity.

RT Filtertechnik has been involved in the topic of air separation in hydraulic systems for many years now and supports manufacturers in avoiding problems already during the development phase.


Cabin air filters

Due to increasingly high loads and also stricter requirements for air purity in vehicle cabs, existing systems for air filtration are no longer sufficient. Ultra-fine particles and nano-particles enter the human body via the lungs and can cause serious health problems.

Today, RT Filtertechnik already offers highly efficient air filter systems that can be fitted or retrofitted into cabs to filter harmful particles and comply with the new legislation.



Engine air filter

The engine air filter is one of the main components of any combustion engine. Without it, dirt and dust particles that are drawn in would result in increased machine wear or even the complete failure of the engine. The filter also dampens the engine's intake noises.

We offer various products in the field of engine air filtration.


Mobile hydraulics

In partnership and close cooperation with our customers, we develop filters and filter systems for hydraulic applications. In particular in the field of mobile hydraulics, we can build on many years of experience and established relationships.

We develop cost-optimised and technically innovative filter solutions for the relevant application. Our focus is on the machine function, not on the individual product.